Technical Information

Main PA System

4 x Court Acoustics LX series mid-high units, 3-way passive (15” Fane bass driver, 1.5” B&C  compression driven horn on a 400 x 600 Flare, and a 1” B&C VHF compression driver on slot style flare)

2 x Court Acoustics LX series sub bass units (double 18” Fane, front loaded)

2 x Sherman MX200 mono front fills (auditorium setting dependant)

2 x JBL control rear auditorium, stereo (non-delayed for cinema and film playback FX)


System control and amplification

1 x DBX Driverack, with custom program

1 x Yamaha Q2031B 31 Band Graphic for FOH EQ

1 x Behringer EP4000 (subs)

1 x Behringer EP2400 (mid-high)

2 x Studiomaster 700D (front fills and stereo surround)


House mixing console & effects

1 x Allen & Heath GL2200 (24 Channel)

1 x Yamaha LS9


Analogue FX / Inserts rack containing:

1 x Behringer Multicomp Pro, four channel compressor

1 x Behringer Multigate, four channel gate

1 x Digitech Studio S100 Dual engine Reverb

1 x Lexicon MPX500 Reverb with tap delay



Audio playback

1 z Sony MDS E-10 Minidisc player

1 x Tascam CD01U CD Player

1 x HHB UDP-89 universal CD Player (CD playback including mp3 on disc and DVD)


House Multicore & Cabling

Analogue 24 channel with 8 returns.  There is provision to relocate the multicore tails to an alternative mix position at the rear of the auditorium, rather than the control room.

There is a production set of XLR cabling in standard lengths, and various XLR satellite boxes and looms.


Microphone, Stands and DI stock


1 x Shure Beta 58

4 x Shure SM58

3 x Shure SM57

4 x General purpose Cardioid Dynamic Vocal microphones

4 x Dynamic instrument microphones with drum rim clamps

2 x General purpose cardioid condenser microphones

1 x Large diaphragm instrument microphone

3 x Audio Technica U83R choir condenser microphones (installed)


Note – Specific preferred microphones and Desks are available for hire by prior arrangement


Microphone stands:

2 x Round Base tall boom stands

10 x Tall boom stands

10 x Short booms stands


Direct Injection Boxes:

6 x Active boxes, with both 1/4” Jack, and unbalanced XLR inputs

3 x IMQ passive boxes


Monitor System & EQ

6 x Alto PS4LA (Active bi-amped wedge)

2 x Alto TS115A (Active bi-amped wedge)

Four inserts of 31 band EQ’s (InterM) for monitor sends


There are dedicated power distribution & looms for the monitor system


Lighting dimming and control

1 x Strand ‘Golfball’ GSX lighting console

1 x DMX splitter with three dedicated DMX lines directly to stage

3 x Strand LD90 dimmer racks, providing 72 channels of hard patched circuits to grid IWB’s, FOH IWB’s, booms, and stage floor traps.

Lighting Fixture stock


4 x ETC Source4 Junior 260

4 x ETC Source4 Junior 360

4 x ETC Source4 Junior 500

12 x Patt 23 (with T26 conversion)


8 x Strand Cantata F (T29 loaded)

8 x Strand Cantata PC (T29 loaded)

8 x Patt 123 (with T26 conversion)

2 x Furse F (T26 loaded)

Parr Cans:                    24 x Parr 64 Cans (CP61 loaded)

Cyc Washes:                4 x Strand 8 cell battens (3 circuit), covering Back wall / backdrop position

LED uplighting:          8 x LEDJ 7Q5 Quad colour (RBGW) short nose fixtures with double yoke

Miscellaneous: 4 x Parr 36 Pin Spots

1 z 12” mirror ball with rotator

1 x LED star cloth (6×5 metres) with controller



Gel frames for all lantern stock

Barn doors for all Strand Cantata stock

2 x Source 4 Irises

12 x Size ‘M’ Gobo holders for Source4 profiles

4 x Short tripod floor bases (M10 top=hat spigots)

All lanterns fitted with 2” pipe clamps and safety chains

Venue gel stock contains of standard theatre and regular concert colours



All lantern stock and dimmable outlets are standardised at 15A.  The venue carries a standard stock of TRS (Tough Rubber Sheath) cabling, and also a set of 13A &16A mains/hot power and distribution.


Projection and video playback:

1 x Sanyo Pro Xtrax projector and flying hardware

1 x HHB UDP-89 player for DVD playback

1 x Newhank Pro Blu-Ray player

Portable LCD projector and small self-supporting screen for presentations

Stage management & Paging

A bespoke stage managers rack contains an ASL headset base station for communication between stage, the FOH control room and various points around the venue.  The paging system allows live stage audio, and show calls to be sent to the bar, green room, and dressing rooms separately.  A six channel ‘traffic light’ style cue light system is implemented and controlled from the stage managers position. A show timing clock, reading light and script shelf complete the rack.  Normally resident stage right, the wheeled rack can be relocated stage left if needed

Stage Specifications


  • Proscenium arch opening width 6.9 metres
  • Total stage width including wing space 12.3 metres
  • Stage depth 5.69 metres. An additional section can be added to the front of the stage making the total depth 6.69 metres. This additional section can only be added when the auditorium seating capacity is 180 seats
  • Stage to lighting bar height 3.88 metres
  • Three tie lines are located on the off stage side walls. One is stage left and two are stage right, which run to the sound-mixing desk. These have XLR connectors
  • The stage prompt desk is stage right. Three 13-amp sockets and one 16-amp socket are available by the prompt desk. 32a auxiliary supply SR. An additional two 13-amp sockets can be accessed with extension cables in the stage assembly area
  • The theatre has an easy get in. There are no flights of stairs to negotiate. There is one dead lift, of approximately three feet, from the loading bay into the stage assembly area. Scenery and equipment can be unloaded very near to the stage