Beggars Belief


‘Beggars Belief Collective’ is the resident theatre company of Darwen Library. It is a new collaboration between local experienced performers and theatre makers: Guy Hargreaves and Nicola McRoy working with the internationally acclaimed sculptor and visual artist Marjan Wouda. Our style mixes art, projections and sculpture within and around the performance. Original musical composition is also a key element alongside absurdist, interactive, physical, anarchic content. Beggars Belief will always make work that is original, exciting, thought provoking, moving and hopeful.

We have devised and created two pieces of theatre since January 2018: Three Loud Knocks is a commission by Culturapedia and the Library Theatre Volunteers. The brief was to fashion a piece of theatre for East Lancashire audiences and rural touring. Conceived and developed in Darwen, the stories and characters emerged through conversations with local people around their memories of growing up and living in the area. Kathleen Ferrier, Tom Bamm the Bellman and Valderee the rag ‘n’ bone man, all feature heavily.

Three Loud Knocks will be made into a full scale production some time in the future.

Moreover, we are currently producing t’Other, which is a new piece of theatre funded by Arts Council England. t’Other is a fictional story of Gevin; an unbearably friendly, culturally weird and annoying neighbour who moves next door to ‘Cassandra and Hillary’, high class butchers and purveyors of quality meat. t’Other is a tale about tolerance, intolerance and unlikely friendship. The production was shown as a scratch performance on 21st March, 2018 and is scheduled to tour UK venues and Ireland in April 2019. t’Other will premiere at Darwen Library Theatre on Wednesday 24th April, 2019.