An audience with Martin Kemp – review

8th January 2016


We were very honoured to welcome an international star to Darwen Library Theatre recently when we hosted an evening with Martin Kemp.  Martin entertained the (sell out) crowd for 2 hours telling his stories of his time in Spandau Ballet, Eastenders and the Krays.  He also shared his experiences with a brain tumour and his recovery.  Some of the audience were lucky enough to have a meet and greet with martin before the show and get photos with him and items signed.  A few of them had travelled from as far away as Italy.

We don’t normally explain this part but we have been asked so often – How come Darwen?  Well, it was late last year and we were planning on hosting some audience with events and one of the agents had Martin on his roster, we thought what the hell let’s go for it – unfortunately he was busy and wouldn’t be able to do it and wasn’t sure it was his thing.  Anyway several months later he started doing a few meet and greet style events.  We then contacted his management team and asked if he’d be interested in a full show – if we could fit it in.  He agreed and the rest as they say – is history.  He had such a good time that he has now decided to take the show on tour. So remember that next time you see him on TV – we got there first!



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