Are You Ready to Believe? An Evening with Spiritualist Medium David Holt

If you have ever wondered what life is like on the other side, or if it is possible to communicate with those who reside there, join us at Darwen Library Theatre this March.

David is an ordinary guy with an extraordinary ability; to communicate with those who have crossed over, pass on their messages and bring through mind blowing evidence of life after death.

David and his gift have brought comfort to thousands and changed the lives of both skeptics and believers alike.

As a medium it is David’s purpose to show beyond all doubt that the human soul continues to live after physical death and that the separation we feel when a loved one dies is only temporary.

David said: “I have been very fortunate to have seen spirit people from an early age, the most amazing aspect of being a medium for me was losing the fear of death completely, a journey I hope to share with you.

“When consumed with the grief of losing a loved one, spirit communication can give you the power to cope and the up-lift-ment you need to move forward.

“Your loved ones are only a thought away.”

With no two evenings the same, you are in for a unique and interactive experience. Now sit back and listen, the next message could be for you.

VENUE: Darwen Library Theatre, Knott St, Darwen, Lancashire BB3 3BU
DATE: Saturday 30th March 2019
TIME: 7.30pm

Tickets are available
Online here.
By Phone: 01254 706006
In Person: From Darwen Library, Knott Street, Darwen or Darwen Leisure Centre, The Green, Darwen or King George’s Hall Box Office, Northgate, Blackburn.